Crazy Chicken Atlantis

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Crazy Chicken Atlantis is an entertaining platform game
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Crazy Chicken Atlantis is an entertaining platform game.
In this sequel of the long Crazy Chicken saga, you will control your character that will walk into the legendary kingdom of Atlantis, leaving behind the submarine that he was driving, that broke down. His mission is to collect as many gold coins and diamonds as he can, avoiding the monsters and plants that want to kill him. To do this he will need to walk (you will control this movement with the right and left cursor keys), jump (Space) or duck (cursor down), or climb ropes and chains (cursor up). These are the default commands, but you will be able to control your character by using a joystick.

You will have some time to complete the levels. If you come across hourglasses, catch them, because you will then have more time to do this. If you fail to complete the levels, and the time is up, you will lose a life, and will have to start from the last mark that the game puts when you manage to get to the half of a level. You will have four lives, if you lose all of them, it´s game over.

The developers only prepared a demo version of this game in German. There is no demo in other languages, but if you buy the game, you will be able to run it with texts in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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